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Biryani needs no introduction to most of us. This rich, aromatic, flavorful rice dish with spicy marinated chicken and vegetables and a rich trove of spices are savored by almost everyone.

Master Chefs

Our hard working Master Chef Team strongly believes in serving an overall quality product. Team always been concious about the consistency of deliciousness for each and every dish.They keep up themselves for their creativity and great work.

Quality Food

Biryani station never compromise with its quality. Hygine and health are two main pillars on which Biryani Station is working. Our Master Chefs expertised in picking the quality ingredients and then prepared the best out of this.

Online Order

Biryani Station always priorities customer's convenience. So soon , we will also available at zomato and swiggy in your city. So, that you can enjoy your meal at your place itself or you may surprised your special one by ordering tempting biryani for them.

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Biryani Station offers you online as well as offline marketing tools, such as advertisements on social media platforms,digital marketing, pamphlets and Banner which you may circulate near by outlets to promote your business.

special biryani
special biryani
special biryani
special biryani
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Welcome to Biryani

In yappy's Biryani station the value for money factor is the quantity of the products which is enough to please a hungry stomach. In India, where food is like an additional proportion, it becomes a challenge to leave a feeling/sense. But Biryani Station, has successfully carved out its name on the hearts of people creating a connection with the taste buds.

The Biryani's Station menu is designed so carefully by integrated together with different forms of biryani. The Biryani's Station QSR with a menu will definitely delights thousands of people on regularly basis , Because of an years of experience verities through its famous brands CHAAT ADDA, YAPPY'S CHICKEN ADDA, DOSTEA, 1964 MEAL FACTOERY, MASTER SHAKE, EGGOHOLIC, YAPPY'S PIZZAS STATION, AND HOUSE OF CAFE stands at 100+ outlets tall and is dishing out over million delectable dishes across pan India each year. They continue on their mission to "serve great quality products, at a value for money price".


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Food Menu


Awadhi Spl. Chicken Biryani
Awadhi Spl. Chicken Biryani ₹289/-
Bombay Chicken Biryani
Bombay Chicken Biryani ₹289/-
Chicken Thalassery Biryani
Chicken Thalassery Biryani ₹289/-
Hyderabadi chicken Biryani
Hyderabadi chicken Biryani ₹299/-
Mutton Dum Biryani
Mutton Dum Biryani ₹389/-
Muradabadi Mutton Biryani
Muradabadi Mutton Biryani ₹389/-
Egg Dum Biryani
Egg Dum Biryani ₹269/-
Paneer Subz Biryani
Paneer Subz Biryani ₹259/-

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